Nice to meet you!

How nice that you are here! On this blog, besides my confused thoughts and everyday observations, everything revolves around personality development, mindfulness, slow/fair fashion and my personal journey towards zero waste and minimalism. I’m not sure what this blog will stand for someday. I don’t want to have to decide whether I will stay with this direction forever, which topics I will deal with exactly or which target group I want to address. It’s all too bland and strategic for me to stick to it in the long run. This blog is my personal place where I can empty my overcrowded head, put my thoughts into words and maybe even inspire you a little bit.

Who is writing here?

I am Svenja, a 24 year old April fool. For me it’s the little things that make life worth living. I love to be greeted by the sun when I wake up. I love to have a warm summer breeze blow through my hair when I go for a walk, and my hot cup of tea or coffee when I get home. I like to be alone, and I always take time for things that I really enjoy. These include Design, drawing, photography, reading and of course writing. I’m not a professional, but I think you don’t have to be to stay with the point. Minimalism, sustainability, fashion and good literature are also very important to me.

I am…

My humour is deep black, I also like to laugh at myself sometimes and, curled up with a bar of chocolate, I would probably really let myself be kidnapped. I love long train rides, friendly conversations and long walks through the woods as much as cozy evenings on the couch. My favourite season is spring, when life practically awakes from its winter sleep. For me there is nothing more beautiful than this fresh, natural, slightly sweet scent in the morning. I love fog, rain, dew and thunderstorms. All the weather phenomena that almost casually enrich our lives and make them very special. Which remind us every day that we are alive – in the here and now, and that we should enjoy our limited time. I love animals, every facet of nature and especially the small, untouched spots of wilderness in our modern civilisation.

I feel…

I love my boyfriend too. He is the most important person in my life. I could hardly imagine life without him and I am simply incredibly grateful to him – grateful for every second he gives me or shares with me. Grateful for every day he makes me the happiest version of myself. Because things are not always going so well for me, maybe I’m just too scared. I am afraid of the future, of certain situations and some experiences from my past still bother me, even if I should have finished with them long ago.
Could, could, should. I have made mistakes, and I have often hated myself for simply pushing some people out of my life for no good reason. I am not good at maintaining friendships or contacts, sometimes I don’t care about anything. I oscillate between homesickness, wanderlust and I don’t really know where to go. I think too much, way too much. I think about things that are out of my power, I think about things that will always remain untouchable for me. For months I had no strength to get out of bed and just wanted to sleep on. I fly high and fall all the deeper.

I think…

Sometimes everything goes like clockwork for me, everything seems to fly to me. Sometimes I am just sad. About what has happened to me, what opportunities I have missed and what is happening to the world, to society and in the minds of people today. I would like to change the world, but I know that the only thing I can change is my own little world.

I am one person among 7 billion. Like your neighbours, the homeless man in the street, the shop assistant in the supermarket, the bus driver and also the candidates in the Bundestag. These are all people under 7 billion. Just like you. We all have mistakes, our own problems, hidden fears and uncertainties. No person is perfect, no person can be perfect, no life can be perfect. But perfection seems too grey, far too monotonous.
I want to live. Just live. And that with all the ups and downs that go with it. Because that is what enriches a life in particular.
Or how do you see it?